Cube Pessary with perforation no.1 29 mm white silicone 1pc.

New Cube Pessary with perforation no.1 29 mm white silicone 1pc.

Support cube pessary used at various degrees of vaginal and uterine prolapse. Wall perforation increases the healing effect. Also used in the so-called "loose vagina" and vaginal strictures. Prophylactically before operations in order to bring the vagina to its correct biocenosis (with estriol-not in the sale). After operations to support the operating structures for better healing. Possibility of using two or three pessaries at the same time for a more favourable therapeutic effect.

Pessary ALBIS is a certified medical device used intravaginally. It guarantees proper lifting of the vagina, uterus, bladder and rectum. Used in conservative treatment on a long-term basis, if the patient does not want to be operated on or if her health condition does not allow for surgery. Each type of pessary is available in different sizes.

Pessary ALBIS application

  • Lowering or prolapse of the uterus, vagina, bladder and rectum: anterior and / or posterior wall
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Pain related to the above-mentioned conditions
  • Prevention of premature births - certain types and in case of carotid and cervical insufficiency in pregnancy

Choice of pessary

Proper selection of the pessary is achieved by measuring with your fingers the distance between the symphysis pubis and the posterior vaginal wall - the posterior commissure in the vaginal vestibule. A gynaecologist or a physiotherapist should make the right choice as to the type and size of the pessary. An improperly selected pessary can cause side effects: pelvic floor pain, displacement or loss of the pessary, vaginal bedsores, vaginal abrasions, urinary retention, itching of the vulva or profuse vaginal discharge; disclosure of urinary incontinence after inserting the wrong pessary.

Pessary ALBIS indications for use

The flexible silicone pessary is commonly used for a mild first or second-degree uterine prolapse, procidentia or incontinence. Pessaries are designed for single patient use and supplied non-sterile.

The pessary should be inserted with basic hygiene principles. Suggestion to put on the pessary during the day and take it out at night. Put on after applying a slip aid. The patient should be standing, slightly apart, with one leg elevated.

The pessary should be held in one hand, the other hand makes it easier to put on. The depth of the pessary application depends on the effect to be achieved. For shallower or deeper insertion of the pessary, consult a gynaecologist or physiotherapist. When properly applied, the pessary should be at a distance from the index finger extended in the vagina.

After removing the pessary, wash with soap and water and dry at room temperature.

NHS Pessary self-management video

Product details
Certification CE Mark
Colour White
Material Medical Silicone
Size 29 mm
Usage Reusable
Logistics information
Single pack 1 pc.

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